When painting outer walls it is also important to carefully choose colors

Points to be noted before painting the outer wall

When painting the exterior walls, you have to be very concerned about your neighborhood. Although it is said that, in order to paint the outer wall, it is necessary to set up a foothold, but its foothold is … Read more

We started by painting the outer wall in our home in Kobe City

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Understanding the business of outer wall painting

The company that paints the outer wall is usually selling the outer wall paint, otherwise it will not be a business. Read more

Exterior paint can affect the neighborhood too

I think that there are some people thinking that the painting of the outer wall is only about their own house, but as they build their houses in the residential area, it will also affect the neighbors … Read more

Let’s choose the color to paint the outer wall carefully

Although it often places emphasis on the timing and price etc. for the outer wall painting, it is necessary to carefully choose the color to be painted on the outer wall. Many people choose this catalog with the feeling that this color is nice, but as you see the real thing you see in the catalog, the color will change. Therefore, there are not many cases that you regret after painting the outer wall. Even when you decide the colorto paint on the exterior wall, you may take time, so let’s choose carefully.

When choosing the color to be painted, I think that it will judge first by looking at the catalog, but since the size differs between the catalog and the real thing, the image will change as well. Since the smaller one feels dark, the one who looks at cataloging will naturally become a dark shade. Therefore, even if there is a slightly dark impression in the catalog, there are not many cases that it is just right hue as it is the real thing.

When choosing the color to paint on the outer wall, it becomes more important to select it taking into account the size. Since sewing frame and other aluminum parts can not be painted on the outer wall, we need to decide the color to be painted considering that part. Basically, the color of thesash is unified with simple colors such as black and white, so you have to choose the color that matches it. If you paint the outer wall without thinking about anything, it may feel that you feel unsatisfactory after the paint finishes and failed, so be careful. Read more…

Attention on color of outer wall painting

Exterior paint requires a considerable cost, so once you paint it will not change colorfor a while. So I would like to mention a couple of precautions on color. First of all, we often see things like white and black, but actually it is not suitablefor outer wall painting because dirt is conspicuous. Besides, the dense primary color system such as red and blue tends to be weak against ultraviolet rays so it becomes conspicuous that the color becomes thin due to aged deterioration.

Slightly gaudy, it may float from the surroundings, it is recommended that colors with low saturation such as gray and beige are hard to deteriorate and degradation is hard to understand. The next most important thing is not to use too much color. Since monochrome is most vulnerable, even if it is used, it should be in a color that can be harmonized, since it is lacking unity sense when using many colors and the product may look bad.

If it is a bit rare note, there are cases where municipalities, municipalities, have decided what is called landscape guideline. This is a fixed rule for the color of the exterior wall painting so that the landscape of the area is not impaired. In famous places, the color of convenience stores in Kyoto is not distinctive of each, it is becoming tea. It is also important to check that there is such a fixed matter depending on the place like this.

There are also different applications of wall painting

There is an image that paints outer wall painting with what is commonly called a roller. However, there are things called spray coating in the outer wall painting. In the case of stone etc., it is often sprayed, it tends to become uneven, and technically advanced technology is required. So, let’s check firmly if there is sufficient technology when spray painting is done.

And one more thing to do when spray painting is done. That is space. Spray coating necessarily requires space because it uses a machine rather than a general roller type paint to spray it. So please be careful when the neighborhood with the neighbor is narrow. There is a possibility that spraying can not be done. Although it is possible to paint the paint spraying with the roller for the time being, though it thinks that choosing the painting of stone etc. was decided by looking at the completion drawing of the painting by the sample board and the photograph etc.

I think that it is spray painting. The charm of not having come out unless it is spraying. Spray paint, which is also attractive with innocuous and natural paint, looks like ordinary paint with rollers. There are many cases where stones etc are expensive compared to the paint of the outer wall of general paint and it is sad that it is not the same as the sample though it is issuing a large amount of money, so is the space securely taken Let’s confirm properly before contract.

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