Don’t Neglect Your Neighbors

Painting by neighbors

When painting the exterior walls, you have to be very concerned about your neighborhood. Even though it is called, to do outer wall painting it is necessary to set up a foothold, but since scaffold can not be painted on the wall as it fits snugly on the wall, it is absolutely necessary to have at least 30 cm. It is important it doesn’t go of over. If that happens, in the event that the land is narrow and the neighbors are close, such as the city center, there are times when you have to scaffold beyond the boundary line.

At that time of painting the exterior wall, if you think that there is no choice but to extend the property line like normal and say nothing, the relationship with your neighbors will be badly worse.

Even if you paint outer walls in the first place, it will bother the neighbors with sound, smell etc etc. So, it is courteous to say something to your neighbor whether or not you will have to cross a boundary line.

A firm outer wall paint shop usually will inform the neighbors before construction, but sometimes a neighbor cannot be contacted so it is your job to follow up.  In fact, even if a painter caused a trouble, if it is from a neighborhood, they will most likely complain directly to the person who is asking for the construction. So notifying the neighborhood properly ends the construction problem and possible risks.

There is also a possibility that the paint etc will fly to the other car so it is very important that they know ahead of time and sometimes a simple apology will be okay.

Legal issues

It’s important to understand that your neighbors have a property owner rights. The general rule is that an owner of the property next to you is not liable for a company that I come into painter asked your your. So if you hired a painter for that outer part of your house and the painter over sprayed and the neighbors car or house gets painting on it, as a homeowner you are not responsible for that damage. But your neighbor’s not to be happy with you and there is an exception. If the work that was being done by the painter that caused the unreasonable risk and precautions were not taken then you are responsible. So if a painter decides to paint some trim but then goes over on the driveway closest to your neighbor’s house and start spraying that would be unreasonable risk.

Things to consider when having your house painted:

  • What can you do or what precautions should be taken when your house is being painted.
  • Make sure you look at the contract and ask your painter what he will do to ensure unnecessary risk.
  • Don’t sign a contract unless the unnecessary risk precautions are spelled out.
  • During the project make sure that the painter is taking the precautions.
  • Make sure you let your neighbors know that the outer part of your houses being painted.