Old Paint Problems

Why does the chalking phenomena happen?

Paint can often develop what looks like a covering of powder.  This is what is known as the chalking phenomena.  While it may be frustrating, paints that Chalke powder buildup is better than dealing with paint that has peeled. Is the exterior of your house is light-colored take a dark color rag and wipe it over the surface. If you see a powder that is lighter than the paint then you’re dealing with the talking phenomena.

What causes the chalking?

Natural sunlight breaks down the chemicals inside the paint that keep the paint bound together. Oxygen is also a oxidative and then also reacts with the binding elements of the paint. This is often why you see paint lighten over the years. Is more of the powder is removed from the surface of the paint over the years with the natural elements of mother nature. The pain becomes thinner and thinner.

What paint is best for exterior painting?

Acrylic paint is typically better than oil based paint. Acrylic paint or oxidize slower than oil. You also want to pick a paint that is high-quality. If you’re on a budget you might be tempted to go with lower budget paint but the chances are that you’re exterior paint will not last as long. Higher quality paint tends to be more expensive. More expensive paint tends to have better residents that help bind and retain the colorants. Acrylic paint will typically be more expensive and last longer then latex or oil.

Remove the chalky powder

You will need to prep the surface before you paint. Renting a simple pressure washer with a simple solution should work. Let the pressure washing solution stay on the walls of your house for up to 15 minutes before rinsing. When you rinse, rinse between 1500 and 2000 PSI. Make sure walls dry completely before painting. Also don’t skip in acrylic primer this will help in the durability of your paint.