Choosing Colors

Choosing the perfect color to paint the outside of your house

Color impacts how you feel. And while many people are familiar with the psychology of color and what you’re surrounded by an your internal space, many people don’t realize that the same thing applies to the exterior of your home as well. If you drove into a neighborhood and all the houses we’re beige and there is nothing distinctive about them it would be very appealing. You want to convey a feeling through the exterior paint color.

When there’s so many colors to choose from how do you decide which color to choose? One of the best ways is to decide how you want to feel when you pull up to your house at the end of the day. Choose a color scheme based on that. Here are some examples.

Traditional or contemporary colors?

Dark shades of blue work really well with wood colored porches is it really brings out the comforts and inviting escape that someone would want on a hot summer day.

If you want to feel of traditional and down-home, consider painting your house a farm color red. Those deep reds are eye-catching and give a very inviting feel especially when placed with light trims, stone and surrounded by green grass.

Gray is another great option. This can go for contemporary or traditional homes. Parrot with Rockford traditional or metal for an industrial feel.  You can even add pop of color such as yellow. This helps take a contemporary looking house and turns it into a family-friendly space.

Escape with color

If you want to bring a little beach to your house, consider buttercup yellow. Yellow is such a happy color when paired with white trim the exterior feels bright and fresh.

Do you love the desert and Aztec colors? Don’t shy away from Earth colors like warm pinkish sand color, a reddish clay color, or rosy shades with trims of turquoise and cream.

Sage green is often one of the safest exterior colors next beige.  This calming shade will look good with whatever landscape do you have. Think about stress relief in-house this color.  You can brighten it with shades of red as accents.

Look at your surroundings and decide what you want to feel when you pull up to your house everyday and start planning a color scheme based on that. Don’t forget to check with your homeowners association if you have one to see any restrictions on color that your neighborhood may have.

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