Natural Hair Loss Treatments

You notice more hair on your hairbrush or the hair you leave in your shower is unusually excessive. It can be traumatic to come to the realization that you’re losing hair. There is no cure for hair loss. You can go with medication,which is a traditional treatment,but it can only encourage hair growth. Options that can create more of a full head of hair is surgery and hair restoration. However,if you are a person who is opposed to traditional medication,surgery or hair restoration,and,instead,are interested in other options,you may be asking yourself if there are any natural methods.

Natural hair loss treatments can encourage hair growth.

Here are two options:

Aloe Vera

One natural remedy for hair loss is aloe vera. Aloe vera comes from the aloe plant,which is an evergreen perennial. Massaging aloe vera into the scalp can not only encourage hair growth,but it is also soothing and calming. Ensure that the aloe vera you purchase is 100 percent natural.

Olive Oil

Another one of the natural hair loss treatments is olive oil. Olive oil comes from the olive tree,and there are two ways to benefit from this carrier oil for hair loss. First,purchase only 100 percent pure olive oil. Second,you can drink a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning with your breakfast. Another way is to massage it into your scalp,wrap your head in a scarf,sleep on it,and then wash the olive oil out in the morning with a natural shampoo. You can also add an essential oil to the olive oil,such as lavender,peppermint or rosemary.

Consult your doctor before treating your hair

When you notice hair loss,giving your hair some TLC with a natural treatment is one way to encourage growth. However,consult your doctor before treating your hair. Also,if you want a procedure that will restore a full head of hair,surgery or hair restoration are your best bets.

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